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4 Fun Ways to Save a Marriage

If you're looking for quick ways to save a marriage, keep in mind that we can help you with these quick tips and hints, but of course some problems in a marriage go far deeper than what can be saved in this brief article. More serious ways to save a marriage might be found through a counselor or minister, and of course there is no shame in contacting any of these types of people. But if you just want some quick tips and hints, here are four:

Shut Off the TV

This is one of the easiest but most important ways to save a marriage. Many couples think that they're spending time together when they're watching TV, but in reality they're not connecting with one another. They might as well be two strangers in a movie theater! So shut off the TV and spend a few minutes talking, even briefly.

Send the Kids Away

Many confuse ways to save a marriage with ways to strengthen themselves as a family. Being with your kids is very important, but so is just being a couple. Send the kids to spend the night with grandma or at each of their individual friend's houses. Spend a night or a weekend with just the two of you as a married couple, not as parents.


Remember when you were dating and you thought it was a good idea to flirt with each other? Those glances, the hand holding, the little touches that made the other person feel special all seem to go away when you get married. Many counselors say that flirting is one of the important ways to save a marriage as it makes both spouses feel attractive to one another. You don't need to be vulgar or obvious, but just give each other some attention once in awhile. And remember, flirting is also one of the most enjoyable ways to save a marriage! It's fun and doesn't take as much work as you might imagine.

Keep Yourself Interesting

You may be resentful of the fact that your spouse just doesn't want to spend time with you like he or she once did, but be honest - are you someone that a person would want to spend time with? Sometimes the ways to save a marriage involve improving ourselves before we try to improve the marriage. So, do you read the newspaper or somehow keep up on current events? Do you have hobbies or interests that other people would enjoy hearing about? Are you funny, intelligent, a good conversationalist? There are really no ways to save a marriage if both partners in the marriage are not someone that anyone would want to be around.

These ways to save a marriage that we've listed are not complicated and of course they won't solve every problem, but chances are that they're going to be a good start for you no matter the problems in your marriage. So why not try applying them today?

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